Well one guide is never the best, so I've compiled a list of guides that are worth noting. Some of which I have found are not here because I'm checking it out or I can't find the link. Anyway, here is what I've got so far.

 Wardriving HOWTO (Un-official) by Fred   This is the guide written out by Fred from wardriving.com. Answers the basic questions, a bit of info on antennas and legal info too.
Blacksun IRC log on Wardriving For those who need a little help on setting up your sys for Linux this article is generally good.
Wireless Security & Hacking by Dr. T Blackhat oriented but very informational for everyone. Very good, but a little foreknowledge recommended.
The Comprehensive Guide to 802.11b WiFi Networks by Dragorn As appeared in the 19:2 edition of 2600 Magazine, this is an excellent introduction and explanation of the whole WiFi thing. It cuts through the 'boring' aspects and gets straight to the point.
Quick setup guide for NetStumbler by SWAP 2000 - 2001 & TheMalice. This one isn't coming any time soon, that is until I can afford some new hardware. This will be a guide on how to have a laptop, antenna, WiFi card and (hopefully) a GPS unit all working with NetStumbler.
802.11b Networking help tutorial- a wireless DIY starter guide This is a bit more business oriented and to establish APs, but it is still a good read to know about basic NAT protocol application and how to set it up with a broadband connection.
An Introduction to ARP Spoofing by Sean Whalen Basic introduction to ARP spoofing. Explains the basics behind ARP and spoofing and lists a few tools. Interesting from a security point of view but any professional users already knows this. 
HOWTO: Get the MAC Address for an Ethernet Adapter Well for those who didn't know or who are looking for a quicker way then ipconfig, etc.
MAC Addressing and ARP Functionality by Resolution A very good article presenting the basics of MAC addressing and ARP functionality. Something worth reading.

Why spoofing is the number one security problem on the Internet, 

and how we should fight it

Displays the basis on why spoofing is used and why it is the worst security risk in the WiFi community. It's a bit long but much can be skipped.
802.11 Security Beyond WEP OK article on authentication and harder encryption applications. This isn't the best of articles but it's passable.
The WarXing Guide Well very blackhat oriented. Good quality must read for the devious one.
The LAN Jacking Log (original IRC log format) Another log file for general setup and possibly getting free internet time. Many people seem to like log flies so here's the second one.
Unsafe at any key size; An analysis of the WEP encapsulation Describes the weakness in the wi-fi standard and on the WEP encryption. A bit old now (2000). But good read anyway.
Wireless Networking Introduction by Sauroni The title sort of says it all. Don't expect much but nice roundup of general wi-fi terms and concepts.
Security of the WEP algorithm

Summary of some of the many vulnerabilities found in WEP :

  • Passive attacks to decrypt traffic based on statistical analysis.

  • Active attack to inject new traffic from unauthorized mobile stations, based on known plaintext.

  • Active attacks to decrypt traffic, based on tricking the access point.

  • Dictionary-building attack that, after analysis of about a day's worth of traffic, allows real-time automated decryption of all traffic.

Wireless Standards handbook General layout of the wi-fi technology. This is a pdf file so be prepared for annoying loads.