Due to recent events, we can no longer share DivX files on Kazaa. Our once organized group of rippers has been dismantled and all 200 rips have been placed on a private server. Don't bother asking for access because you won't get it. We apologize for any inconveniences caused but it was much too time-consuming.

Well, this is quite a brief section, but that's just fine since I'm incredibly lazy. To get any of our DivX, you have to hop on to a P2P network. We only bother with Kazaa (for obvious reasons). Now we have seen our stuff on other networks, but they aren't very common. In other words : stick to Kazaa. If you ever get the desire to spread our material, then go ahead, but please do not retag them. We are also building up a collection of over 25 GB of mp3s. This of course will less eagerly be shared as we specialize in the distribution of DivX.

We must add thought, that if you are searching for films, the best progs around are : Bit Torrent, Kazaa Lite, WinMX, DC++ and Hot Topic.