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Well we do have one guide that we'll add. Hopefully we'll add more. Remember we don't add any old crap, we just filter all the stuff we see and place everything that rocks. That said we check by reading, testing out what is said and so on. IN short, you'll only see stuff written by us or by other people (but baring quality mark).

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How to capture with an USB WinTV device by TheMalice

Well the title says it all doesn't it ? If you have one of those crap USB capture devices, and need to know how to properly capture )without synch problems, etc.). Then read this.

How Rip A DVD into a very compressed format by SWAP 2000 - 2001

This is the original guide that was the first if not one of the first (when I was writing it, but not when it came out) to appear on the net on how to DivX your files. It's dated but still the way it's done with most All in one packs. You might want to stick to EasyDivx or Kazaa, since this is time-consuming

DVD Help (aka VCD help)

The best site dedicated to the art of DVD ripping and more. Most complete site there is and well illustrated.